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Pre-Incarnation or Pre-Life is the concept that the soul existed prior to coming to Earth and taking form in an Earthly body.

It is my belief and understanding that this is the case. As I discuss in my book "Life, The Universe and Everything", we all existed (if indeed exist is the right word for an existance outside the physical time and space we know as reality) before we were born. Our souls were with God, more closely part of him, in Heaven. Yet he had made us individual by giving us free will long before he sent any of us to Earth, for that was essential for us to have a consenting loving relationship with him.

I don't think it is that strange an idea really. For two people to truly love each other, they must both come to that place of love of their own free will. If there is force or compulsion or lack of a free spirit, love cannot truly come from that relationship. It is no different for us and God. For us to love him and for that love to be genuine and valuable, we must be free not to.

I even see this reflected in the interactions humans have with animals. Many people have spoken of being profoundly moved when a wild animal, particularly if that animal is potentially hazardous to a human by virtue of it's size or nature, chooses instead to communicate, to show gentleness, to show affection and bonding. The very nature of the freedom of the animal makes the choice of that animal to be communicative, gentle and loving that more powerful. Such experiences have been known to change people's perspectives, to heal emotional wounds, to find love and gentleness in themselves.

Thus, God gave us free will so that our love would mean more when we gave it.

Free will gave souls the capacity to develop - in all sorts of ways. Set free, to some extent, from the central divine entity that is God, and now free to choose between light and dark, souls were able to become highly individual. I feel sure that this was beautiful to God and part of the design of the Cosmic Tapestry that he began to weave, as part of his Creation.

However, this freedom and individuality had consequences. Some souls developed more and better than others. God saw even more potential for the beauty of all souls and the tapestry he would weave. So he created Earth and the physical world as a spiritual gymnasium and sent souls into human form to go forth and exercise their spiritual bodies.

As I discuss in my book, I believe that each human comes to Earth with a spiritual development program and mission list, which is discussed and worked out with God, with angels tasked to assist and guide specific elements. Some of those missions are for their own good and development. Some missions are more about other people, although there is benefit to the individual to constructively play their part in other people's development.

Some souls have a long list of places to be, things to do and ways to help others. Some have a shorter mission. But we all have a mission or several - and it is a huge spiritual mistake to cut short our own mission or that of anyone else.