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Dear Caroline, thank you so much, your book is absolutely amazing, I have just reached page 15 and I have learn so much from it already. It's really sad how so many scientists like Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins say that the idea of God and Life After death is a delusion with no Scientific backing. I am so glad and grateful you have written this lovely book, it clearly shows and explores so many intersections between Physics, consciousness and life after death and takes us beyond materialism. Thank you so much, its truly one of the best books about spirituality and science that I have read. Thank you for all the amazing work that you are doing. ... I really hope more people will be exposed to the material in your lovely book. It truly does fill a large void, and I am sure it will help many, many people. ... I am a science student studying biomedicine and all my professors insist that Consciousness is nothing but the activity of the brain and that there is no Life After Death, many of them also insist that there is no such thing as God or a divine power and that praying is a useless activity. ...Reading your amazing book has been a real eye opener, I am so glad and grateful that not all Scientists are like my professors, thank you for showing that Science is compatible with God and the Afterlife. Kind Regards, Deva

DevaKumar Williams
Science student studying biomedicine


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